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Our tailored accounting services cover all phases of the accounting. We implement best industry accounting practices while handling your books of account. We ensure a thorough check of your accounts for accurate profiling. Our service will perpetually reduce the worry of in-house information handling by your bookkeeper and accountants. 

You can count on our specialists to take up the mundane tasks of reconciling your transactions so that you can attend to other matters important to your business. We can assess your business prerequisites with precision, and give you the most ideal solutions designed specifically to match your business necessities.

At KDR services we are really client-centric. We boast of a qualified accounting staff dedicated to assist clients on demand no matter the time of the day. This is what puts us up above the competition. We save you time and company resources by diligently handling your accounts with precisely updated books in the end. Reach out to us today to make arrangements for an exhaustive assessment of your accounts.

Accounting Services Offered:

Processing the Payroll

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Auditing current bookkeeping processes

Providing administrative services

Tracking the General Ledger

Weekly and monthly Financial Statements and Reports

Compiling and reviewing the financial statements

Integrating QuickBooks, Excel and third-party software

Preparing reports on state and federal payroll taxes

Reconciling the bank and credit card statements

Balance sheets

Monthly closure

Sales tax return

Time Tracking

Bookkeeping That You Can Count On:

We can work on a project basis (e.g. “Help me catch up with the last 3 months of backlog”) or perform daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

We run extensive background checks on all our bookkeepers and we train them well.

Our staff is based in Salt Lake City UT. Outside of these metro areas, we operate with our clients remotely through our online infrastructure. See below for more details on how this works.

All our bookkeepers are based in the US. None of the bookkeeping work is done offshore.

Bookkeeping Services Offered Nationwide:

We’re here to help if:

You need to get bookkeeping off your plate, because you time is better spent with clients and employees.

Your current or past bookkeeper left you in a bind with books that are not current or accurate.

our want to keep doing the books yourself, but you need help to catch up on a few months of backlog.

 Your admin is already managing the books for you, but she might need help on some of the more complex bookkeeping tasks.

Why are KDR Bookkeeping Services unique?

We charge the same prices as independent bookkeepers and you get the benefits of a full fledged firm behind you:

Affordable: we match the expertise of our bookkeepers to your exact needs so that you don’t have to pay a cent more than what you need. We tune our staffing as your requirements evolve.

Dependable: No risk of your bookkeeper disappearing and leaving you stranded. You hired a company, not a specific individual.

Fast: We have sufficient resources to be able turn your work around very quickly. No more waiting weeks for your books to be closed.

Trust: We run extensive background checks on all our bookkeepers and we train them continuously.

Fully Insured, including general liability and professional liability.

And last but not least, Quality. Your CPA will get clean books, which will save you additional costs down the road.

How do we work remotely?

QuickBooks file. There are several options on how we can jointly work on your QuickBooks file. We can email the file back and forth, but the more elegant and cost effective way is to host your QuickBooks file on our server. You and your bookkeeper can then access the same file simultaneously. It’s very easy to setup and it is secure.

You can give us your data (statements, receipts, etc…) in any format that you feel comfortable with: mail, fax, email or you can even upload the data to our server yourself.

We communicate with you by phone, email or web conference, however you prefer.

NOTE: KDR Business Services employees are trained  and qualified bookkeepers and is not an accounting firm. KDR Business Services is not certified, licensed or registered as a certified public accountant or certified public accountancy firm. Our mission is to have our bookkeepers help you get your books in order so that they can be handed over to your CPA for tax preparation purposes.