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Since the inception of QuickBooks software back in 90’s, the software continues to be the most popular, high-rated, and the most effective for small businesses. 

Conversely, just like any other software program, user error is inevitable and every QuickBooks user should be aware of common errors with the software:

QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks error 15215, QuickBooks, error 80070057, QuickBooks error 3371, QuickBooks error 61 | QuickBooks error 1603, QuickBooks update error 12007, Error code 324 QuickBooks, QuickBooks error 6176,0

Details for QuickBooks error :-

  • If computer crashes displaying "QuickBooks error" like QuickBooks error 15215, QuickBooks error 80029c4a, QuickBooks error 61, error code 324 QuickBooks etc.
  • When you run the same program, your computer crashes frequently.
  • You notice "QuickBooks Common Errors" displayed on the screen.
  • You find out that your system responds poorly and runs slow and sluggish when you use QuickBooks.
  • You notice your computer "freezing" time and again for a few seconds.
  • You find that QuickBooks does not open in windows.

Cause of QuickBooks Error :-

  • Damaged file/corrupt softwareor imperfectsoftware installation of QuickBooks.
  • Any new downloads to QuickBooks software change may leadto corrupted Windows registry file entry.
  • If by mistake third party software deleted the files associated with QuickBooks.

Common QuickBooks Error :-

  • QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error like QuickBooks error 15215, QuickBooks error 3371, QuickBooks error 80029c4a, QuickBooks error code 0, at the time of Launching QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Print Error Code-20: While printing Checks or Invoices.
  • QuickBooks Installation Error: If issues with the download or other components, you may get this error.
  • QuickBooks Company File Error: If there is damage to company file or an issue with the read and write permissions.
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error: If any firewall issue occur or any Payroll Service Key Problem, may lead to QuickBooks Payroll Error.
  • QuickBooks Error -6123: if used or company file opened over a network in multi user mode, this error code may come up your computer screen.
  • QuickBooks Error 6000: While trying to open company file, restore it or try to take a backup.
  • QuickBooks Sync Manager Error Code: You try to opena company file,but it doesn't open or load on your computer.
  • QuickBooks Errors-6189, -83QuickBooks Errors 6190,-83: While you tried to open company file,but QuickBooks could not perform the task, this occurs if one of the computer is hosting the company file.
  • QuickBooks Error code: -6190, -1005: It may occur when you open any company file.

KDR QuickBooks Service Benefits :-

  • Quality and hassel-free Service 24/7/365 Days.
  • Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
  • Quickresolution for QuickBooks related issues.
  • Reasonable fee for the service.

Creating a new Company File:-

QuickBooks company files hold all the financial and accounting information for a business. If you wish to use QuickBooks, you have to create a QuickBooks company file for your financial records.

How to set up your own Company file: Follow these simple step

Click on File from the Menu bar and click New Company :-

  • Click on Start Setup.
  • Enter the company information.
  • And then Click Create Company.

Once company filecreated, youneed to add, company-specific information, such as customers, employees, inventory, accounts etc..

After the process of finalizing the company set-up

Once you complete the easy step process to QuickBooks Setup, you are all set to use QuickBooks. Though for a complete and accurate picture of your business, you should precisely complete a few more steps.

  • Continue setting up lists, example, adding accounts as your accountant advises.
  • Enter opening balance, for example, the value of what you own, what you're owed, and what you owe.
  • Set up payroll, if any employees that you pay.
  • Enter complete and exact transaction history,i.e the transactions whichhappened since your company file start date.
  • Run some reports check which helps to analyse your setup
  • Customize QuickBooks to fit your business needs.

Instructions to Complete setup :-

  • Add accounts for which QuickBooks may not have suggested.
  • Add account numbers to your accounts.(Ask your Accountant if required)
  • Create customer type to label your customers in expressive way to your business.
  • Create vendor type to classify your vendors in significant way to your business.
  • Create job types to categorize your jobs on reports.
  • Create terms to clarify the contract you have with customers and vendors about when payment is due or unpaid.
  • Create a message for the customer that you can show at the bottom of printed sales form.

Started with QuickBooks Software Splendid:-

KDR recommends that you continue to set up your business adding customers, employees, accounts, and past transactions to make sure your financial statements are accurate. If you have subscribed to QuickBooks Payroll and you want to set up.Start using QuickBooks and ifyou are uncertain where to start with, sit back and relax take some time to learn about the fundamentals by studying the QuickBooks user guide.

Working withQuickBooks

Assistance for QuickBooks you can:

  • Make sure that QuickBooks is opened on your workstation and then after Press F1 key to access help on your keyboard.
  • Download the QuickBooks user guide.
  • You may choose to join with other QuickBooks users and small business owners in the Intuit Community.
  • Find a local QuickBooks expert or a QuickBooks Proadvisor.
  • Search for articles or get help from a certified QuickBooks Proadvisor.
  • Create terms to clarify the contract you have with customers and vendors about when payment is due or unpaid.
  • Create a message for the customer that you can show at the bottom of printed sales form.

Want to add past data in your company file

If the start date you entered for your company is before today's date, you will have to enter your past financial transactions, beginning with the same date. This will confirm your QuickBooks record will be entirely up-to-mark, moving forward from your start date.

Using an earlier start date and you haven't entered your past (historical) financial transactions. Your account balance and report may be inappropriate.

How to modify the QuickBooks homepage

Click "Edit" from the QuickBooks menu bar.

Click "Preferences" from the drop down menu.

  • From the left, select "Desktop View"
  • At the top, click on the "Company Preferences" tab.

You can select or reject Sales Receipts or Statements and Statement Charges. Below in the related preferences section, you can show or hide feature icons, clicking any feature such as estimates, sales tax etc. Now, select "OK" at the upper right. QuickBooks will now close and reopen. Once you click on Home Icon, now you will see your customized Home Page.